Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Ever Blog Post (of Many???)

I have decided to try out the practice of keeping an internet weblog after toying with the idea for some time now. What I would like to achieve through this blog is to have an outlet for what occupies most of my thinking time and try to formulate my mental explorations into well-organized, fully-realized posts. Consider this the beta launch of Totally Brandon: The Blog as I feel my way around the world of blogging and figure out if it is a fitting medium for me.

Earlier tonite I discussed the matter with my friends ANDY, JAMES, CHAZ and (brother/friend) BRYCE. ANDY recommended the name "Who Let The Blogs Out" to me, but I felt that would detract from what I am aiming to do with it, which is to have an entirely idiosyncratic internet environment. This brings me to the topic of the chosen name: "Totally Brandon." While contemplating a fitting name for my new blog, I considered a few punny names, but I decided on "Totally Brandon" so this would A) be congruent with my names in other internet environments like Ebay and CouchSurfing, and B) encompass my theme of wholly self-conceived ideas.

As this is just an introductory post, I do not have any INTERESTING MATERIAL, which is what I will strive for later, but consider this a kind of thesis proposing my reasons and goals for blogging.

Stay tuned!


scorps said...

ill comment on your blog if you'll comment on mine?

it needs some serious updating, which im working on as soon as I finish my baby (the 20 page term paper).

Bryan said...

Is it an open public beta?

Brandon said...


I am not sure what an open public beta is, so I will answer your question with another one: What is an open public beta?