Monday, April 21, 2008

Dan Deacon, Beach House and BRYCE AND BRANDON???

So, I was not planning on blogging today because I did not have any INTERESTING MATERIAL to include in a post. That is, not until my buddy NICOL sent me a message via He told me that the new issue of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, of which I am normally not a fan, totally has a picture of me and my twin brother, BRYCE.

After hearing this, BRYCE and I rushed to the University of South Carolina Bookstore and took two pages from the latest issues of ROLLING STONE, the one that is titled "The Best of Rock 2008".

This page of the magazine is profiling their choice for best music scene: Baltimore, Maryland. The page includes photos of popular acts BEACH HOUSE and DAN DEACON, and it just so happens that they used a picture (from Flickr it appears) that was taken at a DAN DEACON/GIRL TALK/WHITE WILLIAMS show that BRYCE and I attended last semester (in Asheville, NC, not Baltimore). In the picture, as you can see, BRYCE'S face is directly over DAN DEACON'S right shoulder and I am in the right of the frame with my hand in the air.

So, many thanks to NICOL for pointing this out to me earlier today. If you are still skeptical and think this is an elaborate hoax, then go find an issue for yourself and check out page 62. That is all for today. I will hopefully have more INTERESTING, less egocentric, MATERIAL soon.

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